Our Investment Services

"I buy my straw hats in the winter and my fur coats in the summer." - Author Unknown.

G J Kohler Investment Advisors invests with a value oriented, contrarian approach when selecting equity or debt investments for our clients. While most folks are presented products, we focus on investments. The majority of the bargains that we uncover are found in individual securities that we have studied for years. By concentrating on select companies trading at discounts to our valuation measurements we thus provide the best method to deliver excess returns. Study of the key individuals behind the company is also an important extra step we add to our due diligence.

The proprietary method of security and market analysis we utilize, include both fundamental and technical analysis with the primary emphasis on fundamentals. By analyzing a company's financial statements, fiscal health, management and competitive advantage, we feel better positioned to experience outsized gains. We prefer companies that have little or no debt and ample excess free cash flow. Technical analysis may be useful in forecasting short term trends and popular near-term sentiment, however we believe technical or momentum tools do not take into account the nature and prospects of the businesses we evaluate for potential investments and as such play a minor role in our investment decisions as they are not a substitute for the fundamental facts about a particular investment.

G J Kohler Investment Advisors strategies are developed with a mind's eye on individual investor's personal situation, goals and objectives, risk tolerance and suitability.

The following four portfolios are value oriented, contrarian, and invest in companies that have little or no debt unless the company can service their debt through ample free cash flow.

Please click the tab for a description of each portfolio. The portfolios are listed from lowest risk to most aggressive.

Fixed Income Portfolio

The Fixed Income Portfolio may be structured as a taxable income portfolio utilizing government securities, investment grade corporate bonds, CD's, preferred securities, convertible preferred securities, exchange traded funds and closed end funds. Length of maturity and agency ratings are considered to customize the portfolio to each individual client's specifications. Tax free income portfolios are also available utilizing federal and/or state tax free municipal bonds along with selected closed end funds if they can be obtained at a reasonable discount.

Total Return Portfolio

The Total Return Portfolio seeks to maximize total investment return by allocating its assets among dividend paying stocks, preferred stocks, investment grade corporate bonds, government securities, closed end funds and exchange traded funds. The Investment Management Team screens prospective investments for valuation, risk versus reward potential, and yield. With an eye on downside risk, this portfolio strives to bring less volatility and reasonable risk adjusted return.

Growth Portfolio

The Growth Portfolio focuses primarily on long term capital gains with a secondary emphasis on dividends. We screen the universe for publicly traded companies that meet our stringent valuation criteria. This list is further culled by evaluating not only company and sector fundamentals, but discussing with the company the various economic headwinds they face and what they employ to overcome them. We then calculate potential future value to decide if and when the company warrants our investment.

Special Situations Portfolio

The Special Situations Portfolio seeks to invest in companies that have been punished or oversold due to investor misperception. If a company's fundamentals indicate a turnaround is possible, then we will investigate if the company is due for an earnings rebound, restructuring, or Merger and Acquisition activity. Companies that qualify are often small to mid-cap firms. This portfolio is value oriented, contrarian, and for aggressive growth investors. Dividends are incidental as the goal is to identify and harness capital gains.